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October 2011

Recent work

Based on the medieval Trinity College harp, commissioned by a client in Scotland.

August 2009

Recent workRecent workRecent work

A replica of the Trossingen lyre from the 6th century AD. Made from sycamore wood with willow bridge and hazel tuning pins, fitted with black horsehair strings. The decoration is carved and then highlighted with bog pine charcoal.

February 2009

Recent workRecent work

A replica of the 15th century Queen Mary harp, commissioned by a client in Germany. Sycamore neck, lime pillar, willow soundbox. This instrument has since been fitted with 8 gold, 8 silver and 13 brass wire strings

January 2009

Recent workRecent work

Medieval Irish harp, copying the Queen Mary harp geometry and Trinity forepillar shape, with decoration based on prehistoric motifs. Sycamore pillar, bog oak neck, willow soundbox. Commissioned by a client in England. 1 gold, 8 silver and 20 brass wire strings.

June 2008

Recent work

Replica of the Downhill harp of 1702. 30 brass strings. Cherry neck and pillar, willow soundbox, stained to match. Carved and lettered copying the original. Commissioned by a client in Ireland.

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